The New Home of Slichter Architects

The Constructivist | 5/2/2016

If you have driven into downtown Boise on the connector recently, and chances are you have, you might have noticed a new business at the 13th street stoplight.

slichter office from the connectorThat business is Slichter Architects.

Slichter Architects was established in 2004 by Chad Slichter. Chad is a visionary architect with vast experience in residential and commercial projects including performing arts, financial institutions, science research, religious, military and multi-family projects.

Chad grew up in construction and brings a level of construction understanding that is greatly appreciated by his clients.

“Our construction knowledge is a huge benefit to our clients,” admits Chad.

Chad and his right-hand-man Jeff Geibel have been practicing architecture here in Boise since 1993 and have built numerous relationships with clients, consultants and contractors.

Next time you’re rolling into downtown stop by and say “Howdy” or at least hit the horn to help Chad and the gang stay sharp.