The Importance of Natural Light in Your Office Space

By: Chase Erkins РLee & Associates | 5/4/2016

As I tour tenants through office spaces throughout the Treasure Valley natural light is consistently one of the top requirements on their lists. In our increasingly competitive employee market, business owners are trying to find ways to keep their employees happy and engaged in the workplace. Natural light has been shown not only to improve the productivity of employees, but also their health.

chase's officeAccording to many studies office workers with more light exposure at the office have longer sleep duration, better sleep quality, more physical activity and better quality of life compared to office workers with less light exposure in the workplace. With quality of life being one of the most important factors for people living and migrating to the City of Boise it makes sense that we all want to see that quality of life brought into the workplace.

A current example taking place in Boise of how to increase natural light in the workplace is underway at The Historical Hoff Building. Sometime since its creation in 1930 to the present two large windows were covered over in what is now the Crystal Ballroom. These are in the process of being re-opened and a third being cut in to bring in the north facing light an views of the foothills.

When you are out looking for office space, keep in mind that you will be happier, healthier, and more productive with an abundance of natural light.