DOC Meridian Opening Soon

By: The Constructivist | 5/11/2016

Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) will open their newest location in Meridian, Idaho on 5/16/2016.

DOC is a network of orthopedic specialists treating bone fractures, sprains and ligament tears. Traditionally, these injuries were treated by hospital emergency rooms. ER visits are very expensive and ER physicians are not trained to definitively treat these problems. The result is that patients get a large bill, a splint, and referral to an orthopedic specialist. Now, with DOC, you can bypass the expense and time associated with an ER visit and go directly to the specialists trained to treat your condition. DOC is the quicker, hassle-free solution that costs less than the ER!

DOC locations are highly specialized medical office facilities tailored to these types of injuries and patients.

The development, commercial real estate and design team consisted exclusively of firms here in the Treasure Valley:

Due to the type of project, the team, coordination and timing were critical.

“The timing of the MRI build-out and installation of the RF shielding were like a project within a project,” said Chad Hamilton, Principal Consultant of Northwest Commercial Advisors. “Without our team this project would have been tough.”

In addition to the unique challenges of the MRI build-out and the RF shielding, the mechanical system is extremely specialized.

“Medical projects always come with their own unique challenges and pieces of equipment,” said Hamilton. “This project and system was no exception. “The success of this project is to the credit of the team.”

DOC Meridian is Direct Orthopedic Care’s 4th location in the Treasure Valley.