Energy Savings of a High-Performance Home

By: Scott Flynn, Flynner Homes Design+Build

One of the biggest benefits of building a high-performance home is the financial health and well-being that is attained from it. Here is just one of our many success stories:

Utilizing one of our recently built high-performance homes in Boise, our Home Performance Specialist (HPS) ran REM-Rate on the home to calculate its projected energy efficiency and related utility costs. REM-Rate is a software program that takes into account the homes orientation on the lot, size of home, insulation r-value, framing techniques, exterior door characteristics, window efficiency, duct work, etc. The HERS software is the most credible home energy efficient calculation software on the market today.

The HERS software predicted our high-performance home would be 45% more efficient than a code-built house. It also predicted it would cost $2,675 a year to operate if built-to-code.

The client sent me his gas and power bills for the first year in the home…and WOW! It cost him $1,240 for the first year to operated his entire 3,000 sqft house (power + gas)…this is an average of $103 per month!

Crunching more numbers…this will give him an ROI of 36.2% with a 2.8 year payback period…and over the course of his mortgage he will make over $40,000!

It becomes pretty clear why it is so important to build high-performance, which is just one of the many boat-load of benefits.

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