Spotlight on Lavon Webb, Owner of Sterling Landscape Company

By: The Constructivist | 10/25/2016

Lavon Webb is the owner of Sterling Landscape company and oversees all landscape construction projects and company operations. Lavon has been with Sterling Landscape Company for over 30 years and has built many of the Treasure Valley’s most iconic and recognizable landscapes from large custom homes, commercial landscapes, healthcare projects and large subdivisions.
Lavon’s experience, drive, knowledge and leadership continue to shape Sterling’s culture and direction.

Q. How did you get into landscaping? 

When I moved here from Utah 30 years ago I needed a job. I landed interviews with both Micron and Sterling Landscape. I figured I didn’t want to work inside of a building anymore so I took a job working as a landscape laborer at the Sterling retail store. That’s how my landscape career started; 30 years later I own the company.

Q. What do you like about landscaping?

I like that I get to go home at the end of the day. I love stepping back and seeing what we’ve built, what we’ve accomplished during the day. Its fun to take my family and friends to check out projects we built 20 years ago to see how they have matured.

Q. What is your favorite project you’ve built?

One of my favorite projects we’ve built is a water feature island in the middle of one of the lakes at Legacy in Eagle. Projects like this are obviously pretty complex and challenging. This was probably the most unique and challenging project I’ve tackled.

My favorite projects to design or build are ones that haven’t been done before. Like a water feature in the middle of a lake! We don’t always make a lot of money on unique, one-of-a-kind projects but those are the ones we like to have our name on. We’re definitely not afraid to tackle something big and challenging. If our clients can dream it – we can build it!

Q. A lot of your business is from repeat clients. Why do they keep coming back?

We’ve worked really hard to build a reputation for taking care of people from start to finish. We warranty everything that could go wrong. This is a big reason our clients keep coming back. It seems like once we build a relationship with a client it never ends! We have clients that have called us back for additional work for almost 30 years. From management down through our laborers we’ve created a culture of responsiveness and knowledge. Our clients never have to make multiple phone calls to get in touch with us. We take care of our clients’ landscapes just like they were our own.

Q. How is Sterling Landscape Company different from other landscape companies?

Sterling is a family to all of us. We have incredibly high standards and our landscape craftsmen and craftswomen are by far the most talented in the valley. We’re probably not always the fastest but we take a lot of pride in our work and we always get the job done right.

Our crews have the best technology there is. All of our crews are set up with lasers to shoot and verify elevations and have the newest and best heavy equipment around. Most of our mowing crews are using propane fueled mowers. Propane mowers are great because they help reduce our carbon foot print and forward our environmental stewardship.


To learn more about Sterling Landscape Company give them a shout or check out their website:

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