Chatting With Structural Engineer Jeremy Parrish

Jeremy Parrish is a structural engineer at Structural Edge Engineering in Boise, Idaho. Jeremy is a graduate of Portland State University and has almost 10 years experience engineering commercial, industrial, residential, educational and religious structures up to $30,000,000 in construction cost.

Structural Edge Engineering, PLLC is a structural engineering firm where the commitment to keeping their clients’ needs in mind at all times is held above all else. Their responsiveness, attention to detail, and availability is how they set themselves apart in today’s competitive market.

Q. How did you get into structural engineering?

I knew from a young age I wanted to work in the design and construction industry. I started my college career in Architecture but a few years in I realized I wasn’t cut out for that type of design. I have a much better eye for how things function than how they look. A mentor of mine who was an Architect suggested I meet with his friend who was a Structural Engineer. He explained to me what he does and I knew that was the direction I needed to go. It just clicked.

Q. What do you like about structural engineering?

I like the challenge that it brings when I have a design that requires me to think outside the box or to push the envelope. I like when I can help a client achieve a successful project and I truly enjoy the end product even though my portion of the project is not always visible.

Q. What is your favorite project you’ve structurally engineered? 

My favorite project to date is the Scentsy Wickless Candle Office Building in Meridian, Idaho. The client, my structural design team, the project manager and the construction team all had a part in making this project successful and was really fun and rewarding to be a part of.

Q. What is your favorite type of project to engineer?

My favorite types of projects to work on are high-end custom residential homes. These projects are so personal to the owner and I love helping them see their dreams come true.

Q. A lot of your work is with repeat clients. Why do your clients keep coming back to you and Structural Edge?

Clients keep coming back to Structural Edge because of our responsiveness, our creativity and because we build relationships. All of our projects are important to each team member at SE, regardless if they have worked on it at any point. It is important to us that we each help each other out when a client needs help on a project and the main designer is not available. We also understand that today’s construction industry is at an extremely fast pace and that projects need to be completed reasonably quick and we are successful at meeting our client’s schedules. We like to be challenged with designs that require us to get creative and we use our experiences and knowledge to design structures rather than relying strictly on how it is normally done or what people are used to seeing. We take a lot of time to build real relationship with our clients and we want to get to know them on a professional and personal level. We feel that building relationships like this will help us, our clients and our projects be more successful.

Q. How is SE different from other structural engineering firms?

What sets SE apart from other firms is our office culture, team members and our approach to projects. There is a stereotype about engineers (and rightfully so) and we break that mold by the way we build our client relationships, we are open to being critiqued and have the ability to talk through some design concepts without having to “run some calcs.”

Q. What technology and design software do you use?

We primarily use and prefer Revit for our projects but also use AutoCAD; we use the platform that is necessary for our client’s needs and have the ability to be flexible when it comes to what our client requires. We also do a large amount of projects where we just provide redlines to our client for them to draw or incorporate in their model and for those projects we use Bluebeam. Although it is become less and less, I also like to use the technology of a pencil and hand draw details. For our designs we use Enercalc, Visual Analysis and Excel.

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