Chatting With Kati Stallings of LCA Architects

Kati Stallings is the official, unoffical “Wearer of Many Hats” at Boise-based architecture firm LCA Architects. She is an energetic go-getter responsible for spear-heading the firm’s business development efforts, managing contracts and is intimately involved with all accounts payable and receivable. Kati is a Boise native and has created herself a valuable position in a company she loves.

Q: Why/how did you get into architecture?

I stumbled into the architecture industry to get entry-level office experience. I quickly realized I would either need to stumble right back out or gain a better understanding of how the industry works to get the experience I was searching for. I knew what I didn’t know and continually made it my goal to learn it. Luckily, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and nurturing personalities at LCA, I expanded my skillset and advanced quickly. An entry-level job turned into a position of value, which has turned into a career.

Q: What is your current role at LCA and how long have you been there?

Funny you should ask! I no longer have an official title. I outgrew my initial title as I grew into three different roles in two departments, as such, it was decided to either declare my title as “wearer of many hats” or use the title most appropriate for the task I am handling at the time. “Officially” my title would be: Accounting | Contract Specialist | Business Development.
I am responsible for all accounts payable and parts of accounts receivable, I manage all client/architect and architect/consultant agreements, and handle out of office business development, conferences/trade shows, social media and brand ambassador tasks. It’s a vast and well-rounded position that keeps me on my toes.

Q: What’s your greatest career accomplishment so far?

Creating my own position. I saw a need for someone to manage and fully understand the agreements throughout each project term. So I learned how to fulfil that need then convinced those in charge that I should be responsible for it moving forward.

Q: Why do your clients keep coming back to you and/or LCA?

We create beautiful, lasting designs and have a gained the wisdom to do it well; but mostly I think our clients keep coming back because of who we are as people. Individually, we strive to make an impact, to be a cut above and to bring something to the table that may not have been expected or outlined. Collectively, we inspire each other to reach beyond the definable and what is out-right asked for. The collaborative effort and off-hand discussions have inspired some of our most distinguished work.

Q: Why should a potential client you’ve never worked with before give you a shot?

We think beyond fulfilling the request. Any architect can design a facility to meet what the client knows they need. We take it a step farther to anticipate what the client doesn’t know they need, how a space could be more efficient or how materials will interact within the space.
We elevate the level of service we provide with our experience and passion.

Q: What technology do you use?

I am proficient in Microsoft Office and have been blessed with excellent tutors for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. I am now quite versed in our industry specific accounting software, Deltek Vision.
Currently, I am getting to know WordPress. It has been a rough start but I think we’re finally warming up to each other.

Q: What do you do for fun (not work related 😉 )

I am active in The Boise Chamber and Boise Young Professionals. I have and continue to meet awesome people that help me grow as an individual and inspire me daily. The opportunities and projects these groups are involved in boost my enthusiasm for our community and its/our future.
I have a 6-year-old yellow lab who thinks he’s still a puppy. He keeps me active and exploring.
As a true Idaho girl, I love the outdoors. Camping, rafting, hiking, etc – sign me up!
I also travel as much as workload allows. I try to adventure to a different county at least once a year and have been pretty successful so far.

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