Idaho Business Review Recognizes A/E/C Industry in Accomplished Under 40

The Idaho Business Review’s 2017 Accomplished Under 40 released on 4/21/2017 recognized three members of the Boise A/E/C (architecture, engineering and construction) industry.

According to the Idaho Business Review hundreds of Idaho go-getters were nominated for the 2017 Accomplished Under 40 awards program, and more than 100 people applied for one of this year’s 40 spots. The task of selecting the top 40 went to 11 review committees. The review committees were formed from past honorees, and each committee included at least three and up to four members.

Each applicant was rated from 1-5 in four categories: leadership, professional accomplishments, community support and vision/meeting goals. The judges, who were encouraged to use decimal points to discourage ties, doled out 18 perfect scores, but in some cases those were nullified as the numbers were added and averaged. The highest cumulative score was 19.3333. A score of 17.25 was the cutoff – no one in the top 40 scored lower.

Boise AEC Professionals Recognized in the 2017 Idaho Business Review Accomplished Under 40:

Brad Smith, AIA
Architect / Project Manager
Babcock Design Group








Matt Guho
Mark Guho Construction Company








Scott Hopkins, AIA, LEED AP

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