Chatting With Stephanie Clarkson

Stephanie Clarkson is a project manager, marketer, designer and coordinator at Trout Architects in Boise, Idaho. True with working in any small design firm, she wears many hats. She has been working to expand Trout Architect’s marketing efforts and assisting on projects as needed. Her duties span wide from design, to specification writing, permit applications, document coordination, fee proposals, code review, document quality control and beyond.

Stephanie received her Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Idaho in 2003. She has experience working within campus planning and facilities management in higher education and has worked in architectural offices specializing in commercial, educational, health care and high end residential projects. Stephanie also dedicates time to volunteering with several organizations in Boise and has a great deal of interest in historic preservation – particularly of buildings from the mid-twentieth century, community supported radio, the arts and culture.

Stephanie is currently the chair of Preservation Idaho and is a programmer at Radio Boise.

Q: Why/how did you get into architecture?

In high school I was very engrossed with philosophy and ceramic arts. The art classroom was like a refuge for me. My father is an engineer and suggested that not only was my all-uppercase handwriting appropriate, but that I might also be able to have a career outside of college if I looked into some colleges that offered architecture degrees. I went with the flow and it ended up that father did know best.

Q: What do you like about architecture making a living designing?

I’m always learning new things. From evolution in building materials and technologies to getting to work with new clients on new building typologies, I get to learn something new nearly every day.

Q: What is your favorite project you’ve designed?

Right now I’m working on a renovation of a 1924 building, that was attached to another building constructed in 1950. The buildings are completely different construction, because they are of different eras, but have been put together in some really interesting ways. We are updating the interiors of both of them, essentially making the two buildings more comfortable, safer, visually cohesive, and more efficient. It’s challenging, complex, and delightful to see how things were built almost a century ago. I’m really excited to see these buildings get a new life.

Q: What is your favorite type of project to design?

I am very passionate about adaptive reuse and historic preservation. We just don’t build (or design) them like we used to. Older buildings have amazing details and require care and maintenance, just like our vehicles. I hate seeing buildings go to the landfill and replaced with more rubbish that looks like every other building in any other city.

Q: What technology do you use?

Autodesk products, primarily Revit and it’s not uncommon to break out the sharpies and a roll of sketch.

What design software do you use and why?

Revit, it’s faster, provides more opportunity to integrate building data and requires less duplication of efforts.

Q: What do you do when you’re not architecting?

Volunteering for Preservation Idaho, riding my bike or the bus to work, or enjoying a beer in my beautiful yard.

About Trout Architects / Chartered

Trout Architects / Chartered is a Boise-based multi-disciplinary architectural design firm. For more than forty-eight years the firm has been dedicated to exploring and defining our vision of architectural problem-solving. Committed to the built environment with a philosophy of openness and innovation, we fully engage our clients in the creative process by encompassing their values and visions into the basic architectural program from the very beginning. We understand the importance of striving to achieve our clients’ immediate needs for today while at the same time allowing for flexibility in the future.

Contacting Stephanie

Stephanie Clarkson
2504 W. Kootenai Street, Boise, Idaho 83705
(208) 344-8646