Stack Rock Group Welcomes Fallon Orr

Boise-based Landscape Architecture and design firm Stack Rock Group recently hired Fallon Orr.

Fallon tackles every design project with a keen eye, a steady hand and endless imagination. Her solid experience and malleable creativity result in killer designs and happy clients. Her long-time experience with the Adobe Suite and almost every other 3D modeling and animation software created, paired with a passionate ambition to keep current with technology, allows her to bring a fresh set of ideas and skills into the Stack Rock Group office. Fallon is just a few months away from obtaining her B.S. in Virtual Technology & Design from the University of Idaho.

About Stack Rock Group

Stack Rock Group is a quirky and creative Landscape Architecture, design, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and architectural VR firm based in Boise, Idaho. We’re creative visionaries who see what others can’t; possibilities.

We set each project’s foundation by skillfully asking the right questions in helping our clients clarify their personal and business goals, needs, wants and desires.

We’re not like other firms. We’re not a big soulless machine and we aren’t ivory tower elitists.

We’re excitable. We get fired up about cool projects. We love working with real people to make great places.

We grew up in construction and bring our knowledge and experience of how projects come together and how landscapes are actually built to every project. How many designers do you know with decades of experience in the field actually building and managing projects?

We’re different because we design landscapes that not only look great and function well but can actually be built. We love collaborating with talented contractors to bring our clients’ dreams to reality. We never, ever consider ourselves “above” contractors, or anyone else for that matter.

We look at each project as a whole and consider the architecture, the economic and cultural environment, our client’s physical needs and budget constraints, innovative construction techniques, branding, marketing and the maintenance issues after construction is completed. No project is one dimensional.

We invest time and resources into having and using the best design and communication technology available. Streamlined design and effective communication during all project phases create efficiencies and cost-savings for the owner.

Located in downtown Boise, Stack Rock Group was founded in 2012 by two friends; Will Howard and Krisjan Hiner with the vision of creating a firm like no other. A firm where people want to work and have the freedom to be creative and do great things. A firm where flexibility and imagination reign. A firm where everyone is empowered to learn, grow and do what they do best.
SRG is an assemblage of creative, talented, unique, quirky souls with expertise in all facets of Landscape Architecture, Project Management, Graphic Design, Illustration, Horticulture, Master Planning, Irrigation Design, Art and Stewardship.

While our individual personalities are as diverse and unique as our varied areas of expertise, our collective dedication to Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork guide each and every one of our projects.

At SRG we’re all about the process, the project and our clients. Egos are checked at the door. A better idea always wins and you will never hear us utter the phrase “But it’s always been done that way.”

With over two decades of collective experience in landscape, design, construction and project management Stack Rock Group has the unique ability to provide an overall creative vision while understanding and guiding clients through the conceptual, design and construction phases of a project. Plus, we’ll have some fun along the way.

Contacting Stack Rock Group

Stack Rock Group
404 S. 8th Street #154
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 345-0500