Chatting With Stan Cole On The Idaho Street Townhomes

Idaho Street Townhomes is a new high-density urban housing project located at 16th and Idaho in downtown Boise. The project is developed by Hale Development and designed by Cole Architects. Hale Development has 20 years of residential, commercial infill development and construction experience. Cole Architects is an award-winning, design-centric Architectural firm founded in Boise in 1995.

We sat down with Stan Cole, Managing Partner at Cole Architects, to learn about the project. Here’s what he had to say:

Stan, tell us a little about the design of the project. 

The Idaho Street Townhomes are designed to provide a flexible live / work environment in an urban setting. Each of the 2-story 1,500 sq. ft. units has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a single car garage and two outdoor parking stalls. The’re designed for people who want to live near downtown and enjoy all that downtown Boise has to offer.

Each unit is configured to allow for owners to rent or share a floor of the unit.

An important aspect us these were designed as townhomes, not condos. As townhomes all of the buyers own the land the home sits on, not just their individual living spaces.

What are some of the project challenges?

This project, like all projects, has it’s challenges. Because of the location and type of residential product, there were no comparative projects. Finding an appraiser and a lender that understood this type of project was tough. But, we overcame and are well on the way.

The Idaho Street Townhomes are one of the first projects in this neighborhood to redevelop underutilized land for high-density housing, so that is very exciting and rewarding for us.

Our design team enjoyed working with an experienced developer who understands creativity and design. Our original design was modified to value-engineer the project and fit the parameters of the market.

Our original design will be implemented in the next phase of work, and will complement the overall development.

So, what is the current state of the project and the next phase? 

We are currently working on design for the second phase. If all goes as planned, construction will start sometime this fall and will last about 9 months, depending on weather and other external factors. As far as I know the first phase is more than 50% sold, which is great. These are great homes in a great location.

Anything else on the project we should know?

This was a fun and rewarding project to design. The most rewarding part of the project was working with a creative developer to provide a unique product in a n area of Boise that really needs high density housing. The opportunity to design something unique is always rewarding.

Project Design and Construction Team

Architect: Cole Architects
Landscape Architect: Stack Rock Group

Civil Engineer: Focus Engineering
Structural Engineer: Structural Edge

M-E-P Design: Design/Build by Contractors
General Contractor: Hale Development

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