Ena Beganovic Jossis Launches Limitless Structural

Structural engineer Ena Beganovic Jossis, PE launches her structural engineering firm: Limitless Structural.

Ena is a graduate of Boise State University’s engineering program and has been in the profession since 2011. She is licensed in Idaho, Washington, and California with the ability to obtain licensure in other states as necessary.

Chatting with Ena, it doesn’t take long to figure out she isn’t your average engineer. She is friendly, outgoing, and markedly passionate about engineering.

I’m really motivated by doing good work and making people happy.

Limitless Structural was founded on the principals of customer service, creative problem solving and providing safe, thorough designs.

I started my own firm to be a true resource to my clients and to help get them ahead of potential problems in construction.

Ena has experience in a myriad of project types and with multiple materials. She is seasoned in structurally engineering projects ranging from small residential to large, complex high rise buildings. She has designed multiple residential remodels, cabins in McCall and Cascade, is experienced with education, retail, restaurant, and civic projects. Some of her project experience includes: Moon Valley Apartments, Athlos Academies Headquarters in Boise (formerly known as the Macy’s Building and CC. Anderson Building), JUMP Party Zone Rooftop Deck and Trellis, Winchester Court Apartments, Red Tail Luxury Apartments, Terminal 10 Utility Infrastructure Upgrade, East Marginal Way Grade Separation, Fisherman’s Terminal Phase IV, Boise State ‘B’‚Äč Sculpture, Cascade Aquatic and Recreational Center

“Historic buildings really are my passion. I love crawling around and really seeing what’s there,” said Ena. Through her career she has found that she has a knack for working with contractors. “Currently, some of my best clients are contractors, design/build firms, steel fabricators, and metal building manufacturers. They know I’m not just going to give them a design and be done. I’m always here to help make sure the project goes well.”

As a small firm, we can turn projects around quickly and provide a level of service the big firms can’t.

“On the Athlos project I really learned the value of having a relationship with the contractor,” said Ena. “The building was old and the project was really aggressive. The contractor wasn’t local so I had to get to know the field staff as well as spend time with the project managers when they were here. We worked really well together and were able to turn a great project over to the new owners. Without that relationship, it would have been a disaster.”

Ena is an active member of Idaho Women in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Contact Info

Ena Jossis
(208) 484-0020