Trever Nicoll Joins BVA

Trever Nicoll, MBA has joined BVA Development as a Senior Leasing Associate.

As a Senior Leasing Associate, Trevor is mainly focused on working with businesses to find them space in BVA’s Ten Mile Creek development.

Ten Mile Creek is going to be a great place for all types of businesses. Especially contractors and anyone looking for really cool office-industrial flex space.

Trever is new to BVA but not new to commercial real estate. Trevor is a graduate of BYU’s Facility & Property Management program and holds a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University Bloomington. Before joining BVA Trevor was a Commercial Real Estate Specialist for a well-known commercial real estate brokerage firm. Trever got his start in commercial real estate working with his family on small commercial developments in his hometown of Eager, Arizona.

I really liked being at the brokerage firm setting my own schedule and basically working for myself. BVA is the only company I would have come back to work for.

Contacting Trever:

Trever Nicoll // Senior Leasing Associate // 208-616-4887
Ball Ventures Ahlquist //